rental housing for the missing middle

With the continuous rise in Vancouver rents and historic low vacancy rates over the last three years, Vancouver is in the midst of a housing crisis that directly affects the individuals studying, working, and living in the UBC/UEL area. In response to the lack of affordable housing in this area, Hyland, with financing from BC HousingHub, will create 86 market rental housing residences for the “missing middle” families and individuals. This will provide individuals such as mature students, faculty members, and people that live and work in the area accessible housing which will additionally lend to the lowering of emissions and traffic in the surrounding neighbourhood.

The proposal is comprised of 86 secured rental homes, including 30% family-oriented options, that will be made available at affordable rates. The affordable housing component is made possible through a partnership with BC HousingHub.

Vancouver rental statistics image
BC affordable rental housing diagram

rental housing for the missing middle will be comprised of:

  • 32 Studio Apartments
  • 28  1BR Apartments
  • 19  2BR Apartments
  • 7  3BR Apartments
“As Metro Vancouver’s residential, educational, and urban environment changes, so also its social and economic needs. For many people the cost of housing is very high compared to their household incomes. Responsive and visionary community plans need to address this plight throughout the region... Thus there is an expanded and more significant role for non-profit housing providers and other developers whose vision includes awareness of and response to such need.”


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