Sustainable Development

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Mass Timber

Creation care through sustainability is one of the primary goals for the Menno Hall project and it is the objective of both PCDA and Hyland to responsibly use and steward the natural resources they have access to. To that end, they have partnered with Fast + Epp, globally recognized leaders in structural engineering, to utilize a mass timber structural design for Menno Hall. 

Mass timber is a cutting edge, environmentally friendly, recyclable and low-carbon wood substitute for carbon intensive materials. Using mass timber offers the benefit of efficiently creating a sustainably sourced, high performance structure that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The wood in mass timber buildings is often left exposed, creating an architecturally stunning and harmonious addition to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Menno Hall will meet and exceed energy efficiency targets

Energy Efficiency

The Menno Hall development will provide for superior energy performance through a focus on design principles that minimize space heating and cooling load requirements and reduce overall energy use, while providing a high level of comfort for its occupants. This will be achieved through the application of design approaches that go beyond typical standard practice or Code minimum.

Our design targets high levels of energy performance mandated by Step 4 of the BC Step Code to meet and exceed the current requirement for developments within UEL.

Rainwater management

In response to the challenges that are presented with the high volumes of rainfall in the Vancouver region, Menno Hall will feature an environmentally responsible and visually appealing rainwater collection system to handle excess rainwater. 

Rainwater will be collected through the building’s green roof system and directed to the central sunken lagoon, located in “The Grotto” to provide on-site water detention and irrigation for the surrounding plant life. This featured lagoon will be accessible to the public realm and provide a serene oasis for quiet reflection and connection.

Harnessing the rainwater in this way will not only enhance community interaction through a beautifully inviting space, but also help prevent erosion around the perimeter of the site as well as prevent excess rainwater from entering the municipal stormwater management system.

The grotto. Landscape Infrastructure for Menno Hall at the UEL

Green Roof

The strategically designed green roof, together with the mature trees along Western Parkway, will further help blend the edge between the site and the bordering neighbourhood.
The green roof will also be used as a visually appealing rainwater collection and water retention system.
Menno Hall Green roof image
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