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PCDA & Hyland

Pacific Centre For Discipleship Association (PCDA)

Formed in 1986, Pacific for Centre Discipleship Association is a non-profit Inter-Mennonite society and registered charity whose primary focus has been to create intentional community for university and college students at UBC. In addition to operating the Menno Simons Centre student residence for over 30 years, other programs include the Abendmusik Vesper Choir and projects related to Anabaptist-Christian scholarship. 


HyLand was formed in 2012 to manage the donation of a large portfolio of rental and development properties across B.C. to the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). HyLand functions like an endowment in preserving and growing the capital base and annually donating revenue back to MCC to fund its international relief and development programs. Part of HyLand’s mandate is to facilitate similar legacy donations for those who would like to devote a portion of their wealth to help create a better world. The endowment principle ensures that these donations can continue to have an impact in perpetuity.

Developing A long-term Collaboration

The PCDA approached Hyland with the desire to create a broader range of sustainable opportunities to support students by developing a new campus and expanding their capacity to serve more students. Hyland assisted PCDA in the acquisition of the parcel of land at 2026 Wesbrook Mall and 2076 Wesbrook Mall and entered into an agreement to jointly develop it.

An integrated project was then created which will help meet PCDA’s mandate by expanding student residences, increasing their previous capacity of 22 students to 101. Hyland will partner with BC HousingHub to add 86 market rental residences for the missing middle families in the adjacent affordable housing rental component, in response to the lack of affordable housing in the UBC/UEL area. Furthermore, Hyland and PCDA have together developed a shared vision for an institutional space focused on peace studies.

Menno Hall will be a multi-faceted and purpose-built facility.

Learn more about the project.

Our Proposal
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Bringing lasting COntribution To the Community

The PCDA and Hyland will be the operators and long-term holders of the property and will be working with a team to design and build Menno Hall; a sustainable legacy building informed by public commentary, designed to bring vibrancy and benefit to the surrounding community of the University Endowment Lands (UEL) and UBC.

See how Menno Hall is designed to integrate and enhance the surrounding neighbourhood.

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